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Nordic Technology Ltd manufactures controls for the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry which are then sold through HVAC wholesalers/distributors. Our products are offered for sale on-line as a convenience to HVAC contractors and others when there is no local distributor of FAST-STAT products.

Shipping Information

  • An order confirmation email will not be provided by Nordic Technology Ltd after you place your order. A receipt will be provided by PayPal for your purchase.
  • Your order will normally be shipped by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and will take 10 to 14 days for shipping time.
  • If product stock levels do not allow for immediate shipping, you will be notified of the expected delay. You would then have the option to cancel your order if desired.
  • A USPS tracking number will only be provided after the 10 to 14 day shipping period and you must request this by email at:
  • For shipments to locations outside of the USA or Canada, please request a shipping cost quotation at: before placing your order.

Installation Information

  • All FAST-STAT products are designed to be installed by qualified HVAC technicians or qualified electricians.
  • Installation by unqualified persons may result in failure or improper operation of a heating and/or cooling system.
  • Our Tech Support service provides support to qualified HVAC technicians and electricians. Our Tech Support service cannot provide detailed installation instructions to unqualified persons.

Warranty & Returns

  • Within 24 hours or prior to shipping, you can cancel your order and receive a full refund.
  • If your order has shipped, it must be returned to Nordic Technology Ltd before a refund will be issued. You will be refunded the unit cost amount but the shipping cost will not be refunded.
  • You must pay the shipping cost to return product.
  • Product returns must be sent by the USPS.

There is a $19.00 shipping charge applied to all orders

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