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Model 7000 wins 2008 Award
Read the Article

Model 5000 wins 2005 Award
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Saving Time with
Control Wiring Extenders

Saving Time with Control Wiring Extenders
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 to FAST-STAT by Nordic Technology Ltd.

  • Add or upgrade equipment without installing new cables.
  • Reliable wired (not wireless) system operates over the existing thermostat or condenser cables.
  • No batteries or programming required.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
FAST-STAT by Nordic Technology

Common Maker  

This model provides common connection at the thermostat for 24 volt power without the need for any new cables. Also works with oil burner and zoning systems that use T1 & T2 thermostat connections without the need for an isolating relay. Often used with Wi-Fi thermostats and those that need or operate better with a common connection.

Nest Wiring

Special Intro Price

Model:   1000

The Model 1000 adds one wire to any system. It can be used for thermostats that need a common connection, adding fan or humidity control and many other uses.  It is also used to install a 2-stage A/C when there is only a 2-wire condenser cable but 4-wires are needed.

Special Intro Price

Model:   3000

The Model 3000 is often used to add air conditioning to a heating system. It converts a 2-wire cable into a 4-wire cable (R, W, Y, G). It can also converts a 4-wire cable into a 6-wire cable for 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling or heat pump conversions.

Special Intro Price

Model:   5000

The Model 5000 provides power, fan control, compressor control and 2-stage heating over a 2-wire cable (R, C, G, Y, W1, W2). It also provides 8-wire control over a 4-wire cable for other applications such heat pumps, 2-stage heating & cooling and humidity control.

Special Intro Price

Model:   7000

The Model 7000 is designed for air conditioner to heat pump conversions (single or 2-stage). It provides R, C, G, W, O/B, Y1 & Y2 from the thermostat to the furnace or fan-coil over a 4-wire cable. From the furnace or fan-coil to the outdoor unit it provides R, C, O/B, Y1, Y2, W (defrost) over a 2-wire cable. It also has a built-in fossil fuel kit (optional use).

Special Intro Price

Model:   9000

This model is for air conditioner to heat pump conversions. It can operate a single or 2-stage heat pumps over an existing 2-wire condenser cable. It is a 2-part kit with one module installed at the indoor unit and one module installed in the outdoor unit.

Special Intro Price

There is a $19.00 shipping charge added to each order. The shipping charge is $19.00 regardless of model selected or quantity purchased.

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